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AppStore & Google.Play Search

User enters a keyword to get search results


AppStore & Google.Play Top Charts

AppStore & Google.Play Top Charts get hit by popular and Editor's chosen apps


What isAppStore Optimization for?

What factors impact your App Store and Google Play search ranking and conversion rate?


How we optimize your app's page?


Picking up keywords for your app, analyzing their effectivness and popularity


Optimizing name of application, keywords and description to push app to search results top


We pick an icon for app and take "tidy" screenshots to increase the conversion


You get organic install boost

How could I start getting FREE users daily and increase the conversion rate?

Thanks to TopTraffic Team for fruitful collaboration! Thanks to their professional work, we were able to reach our marketing goals that were bonded with mass user acquisition. This is very important for us, that TopTraffic approaches client’s tasks and goals in first case.

TopTraffic agency in compare to others, strictly follows client’s goals and tasks. Their approach to campaigns - not only user acquisition itself, but reaching client’s KPI – this is really something rare and valuable.

Its very nice to work with TopTraffic. First thing that I really liked about them was absence of “let us sell you user acquisition”. They offered me solution to my specific goal and found best way to reach it a very fair cost. Any problems that may arise are always solved quickly.

I’d like to express my gratitude to my colleagues for their fruitful cooperation. Apart from this I want to point out many thanks to our dear partners for being always a reliable affiliate for those 2 years that we are working together. I respect my colleagues for their professionalism, deep involvement in goals that are set for them and their sense of duty.

Artiom Bolshakov


Vladimir Teterin

Head of digital marketing

Helena  Abashkina 


Nosov Roman

Digital Expert

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